10 Amazing Musician Murals

  1. The Johnny Cash Mural, Nashville, TN.

    Artists: Bryan Deese, Audie Adams, and Ryan Shrader.  

Location: 300 4th Avenue South at the corner of 4th and Molloy Street

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Image result for johnny cash mural nashvilleImage result for johnny cash mural nashville

2. Carlos Santana Mural, San Francisco, California 

Artist: Mel Waters 

Location: 19th and Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110.

This mural took about a month to complete, although the artist worked on it along with also working at a tattoo shop.

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Image result for carlos santana mural

3. David Bowie Mural in Jersey City, NJ

Artist: Eduardo Kobra

Location: The Cast Iron Lofts Luxury Apartment Building on Jersey Avenue. 

This 180 foot mural took about two weeks to complete. It is part of the Jersey City Mural Arts Program. 

4. Beastie Boys Mural- Charleston South Carolina

Artist: Sergio Odeith

Location: On the side wall of Home Team BBQ in Charleston, South Carolina. 

This Beastie Boys mural is painted on the side of one of the Home Team BBQ buildings.  The artist is Sérgio Odeith.

5. Willie Nelson Mural in Austin, Texas

Artists: Wiley Ross and Adam Brewer

Location: East Seventh Street at Neches Street in Austin, Texas. 

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6. The Roots Mural in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Artist: Philadelphia Mural Arts Program 

Location: On the back of the World Communications Charter School, located near the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts. 

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7. John Lennon & Yoko Ono Mural in Miami, Florida

Artist: Eduardo Kobra

Location: Wynwood, Miami, Florida 


 “@KobraStreetArt in Wynwood | Miami #Kobra #Mural #Wall #JohnLennon #YokoOno…:


8. Muddy Waters Mural in Chicago, Illinois

Artist: Eduardo Kobra

Location: part of the Wabash Arts Corridor project to showcase street art, replaces the “Go Do Good” mural at 17 N. State StP.

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9. Bob Dylan Mural in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Artist: Eduardo Kobra 

5th and Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis 

The finished mural of Bob Dylan


10. Compilation Mural of Amy Winehouse, Biggie Smalls, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jerry Garcia.

Artist: Delton Demarest

Location: 4902 Smith Road 

Delton Demarest Paints the Town: on Cross Genetics Mural and in Sun Valley SaturdayDelton Demarest Paints the Town: on Cross Genetics Mural and in Sun Valley SaturdayDelton Demarest Paints the Town: on Cross Genetics Mural and in Sun Valley Saturday

Keith Haring Causes Unit for Elementary

I created a fourth grade unit featuring Keith Haring and how to use art to bring awareness to different causes.

** Be sure to watch all videos or media before you show it to classes, as it is often not appropriate for elementary grades.

This unit took three different class periods.

Day 1: I had students fill out a pre assessment asking, What is a Cause? What Causes are you familiar with? Who is Keith Haring? What is Keith Haring’s style?

We then jumped right into it and I began teaching them about who Keith Haring is as an artist. Students became familiar with the phrase “Artist’s Style,” and they understood that not all art should look a certain way, that artists tend to develop their own style. This was a very successful lesson, as the students had just finished up a lesson on still life.

Day 2: Students spent time brainstorming causes. We wrote down as many examples of causes as we could on the board. Students worked in groups to come up with more examples. We watched a video on Keith Haring that showed him working on various projects, including his work for the Children’s Hospital.

We focused a lot of Keith Haring’s subway art. We talked about how he would create art using chalk on a black surface because it was simple and it would not take a long time to do. I decided to create their final artwork in a similar style for two reasons:

  1. Students really enjoyed drawing Keith Haring style cartoons using chalk, just like he did.
  2. The school did not have the funds to buy enough drawing paper and materials so this was a great way to save, by using very simple materials and still getting a great end result!

Day 3: The final day, students were asked to get in groups and select one cause. I let them work, we talked about making it big and using up the entire space since it would be public and we wanted people to see it from everywhere! At the end, students did a critique where we went around to each one and the students explained what their cause was and why they drew what they drew. Students ended with a post assessment asking them similar questions that were asked in the pre assessment.