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Art History Meets Pop Culture Acrylic Paintings

Yesterday was my last day of the school year, and this year, my kids were focused up until the very end! This year, I decided to start an acrylic painting assignment the last few weeks of school. I gave each student a canvas, and I feel like having a canvas helped. Many of the students had never worked on one before so they were really excited at the opportunity to create something great! Working on a canvas enabled them to stay focused, which is definitely hard to do in the month of May and June!

This assignment is one that I have been doing throughout my teaching career. I think this is the third time I have done this! I’ve taught this not only in high school but also in middle school and I love the results! We talked about Pop Culture and what types of things are popular today. Students brainstorm many ideas and come up with a good list. Then, we research all different types of art and artists! I have had them research in a computer lab, but this past time, a computer lab wasn’t available so I brought in a ton of printables and art magazines and books. I had students work in groups to write down different artists that caught their attention and different art movements that they enjoyed.

Then, students had to come to me with an idea. They needed to tell me what artist they wanted to base their painting off of, what painting specifically, and what they would incorporate into the painting to make it more original and their own.

Another really great thing about this assignment is that you can guide students in a direction that they will all be successful. For example, I had some students who were more successful doing a Pop Art inspired painting, where they did not need to mix colors or do any shading or blending. Some students had experience painting before so I guided them in the direction of a Monet or a Rembrandt painting, etc. This way, all students had different results at all different levels, yet they were all able to be successful!

The PowerPoint that I created for this lesson can be found at

I have a variety of different examples on the slideshow, all of which I have permission for.

Besides though examples, take a look at some of my examples from this current school year!

What works for you as an end of the year lesson? Would love to hear! Enjoy summer!!



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Top 5 Reasons The Chicago Cubs World Series Was The Highlight of 2016

Okay but first, let’s just push aside the fact that almost everyone I’ve talked to has mentioned nothing else except how shitty of a year 2016 has been. Yeah a lot of stuff happened, things were bad. I probably cried more in 2016 and had more mental breakdowns this year than any other year I can remember, but guess what?!


So here are my Top 5 Reasons Why The Chicago Cubs World Series was The Highlight of 2016 (and am I allowed to say life or is that too dramatic?)

  1. All Curses Have Been Broken

Why are there so many crazy curses and stories about the Chicago Cubs?!

The curse of the goat. When Billy Goat Tavern owner Billy Sianis brought his goat Murphy to the 4th game of the 1945 World Series at Wrigley, he caused problems. The goat smelled pretty terrible and ended up getting kicked out. On his way out, Sianis said that they Cubs “ain’t gonna win no more.”

Then you had Steve Bartman, who knocked a foul ball away from Moises Alou in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS. Chicago ended up losing to the series to the Marlins.

In 1969, a black cat appeared in front of the Chicago Cub’s dugout and circled Ron Santo during a game. It casted a bad omen because shortly after, the Cubs slipped from first place and the New York Mets went on to Win the World Series.

Also, the Kwa-Ma-Rolas totem pole was erected on Lake Shore Drive in 1929. Native American legend believes that it should be facing east toward Lake Michigan but instead it faces Wrigley Field. Some even believe that this is a bad omen!

But here we are now, in 2016…


Despite all those damn curses and crazy stories that everyone put on the Cubbies, they did it. They really freaken did it.

2. This Team was so Deserving of a World Series

This team is my absolute favorite Chicago Cubs team! I’ve been going to Cubs Conventions with my dad off and on since I was 6 years old. I met Ernie Banks, ate at Harry Carray’s, went to Michael Jordan’s. My dad, born in Chicago, has educated me on the Chicago Cubs team for a long, long time. I’ve had Sammy Sosa trashcans, Kerry Wood Beanie Babies, but to me, this 2016 team is so special.

I follow a few of the players on instagram. I love Rizzo’s relationship with Kris Bryant, they are absolute friend goals. I love Grandpa Rossi and I’m so glad he got to end his last year with a World Series Win. I love Baez’s spunk and absolutely crazy game time decisions. I love Ben Zobrist and his relationship with his wife, they are the cutest! Not to mention, have you seen Kris Bryant and his fiancé lip syncing to Frozen together?? How about Addison Russell and his adorable family?

How about the amount of work and love and support that they GIVE BACK to the community.  Anthony Rizzo and the amount of work he has done for others. How inspiring he is and how he is literally a light, an escape, and an inspiration for kids who feel like they have none. Anthony Rizzo’s charity foundation can be found at this link: His goal is to raise money for cancer research and to provide support for children who are sick and also for their families.



3. Heaven was Screaming with Chicago Cubs Fans

I’ll admit- when the Cubs got into the World Series, not to mention when they WON the World Series, I felt a strange feeling of sadness. I wish my grandparents were sitting on the couch next to me to witness it all. We’d be eating cannolis and screaming at the tv and all cheering together as a family.

But I found comfort knowing that every single Cubs fan was on the same page. News articles appeared in the media that made me cry happy tears. From videos of the brick wall where people wrote to their deceased loved ones in celebration of the Cubbies, to the video about the man who drove to listen to the Cubs with his dad at the cemetery.

This team brings people together and that is a bond that will never, ever go away.



4. The Crowd Made Me Cry

Although I typically consider myself an emotional person to begin with, I did not expect to start CRYING during the World Series games. I’d be watching it in a room with other people and they would just look at me like I was insane. Why would I be crying?

Well. Did you SEE all the elderly people, praying for their Cubbies to win the World Series?? Imagine living the majority of your life and never seeing your favorite team win the World Series. Imagine that feeling. I love seeing people happy and to see so many people so happy over The Chicago Cubs was one of the most amazing things to witness. If you weren’t able to see, here are some of my favorites:

1 2 3

Not to mention, Pink Hat Guy at all the games. (And don’t you just love his wife for making him wear that?)

5. I’d say I believe in miracles after the Cubs won the World Series, but what I really believe in is hard work. 

To say that the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series is a miracle, is to imply that they did not earn it themselves. And I’m sorry but this team totally earned it all themselves. This team has been so inspiring. They have been so lovable, so personable, and such good kind hearted people and players. But on top of that, they have literally been stepping it up and playing the best possible game they could play. They are a young team, with lots of potential, and I am so excited to see what the future holds for the Chicago Cubs, 2016 World Series Champions!!!!!!!!!!


So Cubs fans, unite! Tell me all the reasons why the Cubs winning was so magical for you. And please post some of your own Cubbies photos in the comments section! 🙂


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What It Means to Love Someone in the Way That They Need

A constant thought has been on my mind for the majority of today. It began this morning, when I got into an argument with my boyfriend. It sounded simple to me- All I asked was if we could put our relationship back on Facebook. I was tired of random guys from high school reaching out to me, I wanted it public that I have a boyfriend.

In the same respect, I wanted other girls to know that my boyfriend was taken. I enjoyed that sense of ease knowing that our status is publicly displayed. So began the  arguing…

And on another note, I asked, “We haven’t posted pictures of each other on instagram in so long.” Because I miss it. I miss when he would post pictures of me, telling the world and all his friends how much I meant to him, how much he loved me. I never wanted to be that couple that posts obnoxiously long paragraphs out into the public, but I love sweet gestures that show he cares about me, that he wants to show me off.

So our argument ended and I left. I spent the majority of my morning feeling stupid as shit. For one, I am not the type of person who posts everything on social media. I actually hate that. My Facebook is mostly youtube videos of music that I like, and occasionally I upload my pictures. I’m not one to type huge paragraphs about what people mean to me, I don’t tell people what I’m eating for dinner, I don’t announce when I am exercising, etc.

But yeah, it would be nice to publicly have it said that yes, my boyfriend and I are in fact, together. It would be sweet for him to post a picture of me or a picture of us and show me off to his friends.

And as I’m sitting here thinking and feeling so bad and so guilty for such a silly argument, I’m realizing that I shouldn’t feel that way at all.

Because consider, that not all people appreciate love and feel loved in the same way. Some people need to feel love in different ways, and I believe that my boyfriend and I feel love in different ways.

What I mean by this is, so many people give those that they love, the love that they would feel good receiving. 

For example, if my boyfriend feels loved when I show him physical signs that I love him (holding his hand, kissing him, etc), then he is most likely going to assume that by kissing me, I will feel loved. (And don’t get me wrong, I do!) Through dating him, I have also noticed that he feels loved when we are able to give each other space to work on ourselves. (He feels great when he can work all day and hang out with his friends without me getting upset or making a big deal out of his absence). So in that respect, it is no wonder why if I don’t hear from him for most of the day, I assume something is wrong, whereas he feels like things are great.

As mentioned, I feel loved when my boyfriend posts a picture of us together. When he sends me a sweet text throughout the day, or posts something funny on my wall that I would appreciate. I love the little small things, the little gestures that mean the most.

So rather than feeling like a needy, high maintenance girlfriend, I am just learning to accept that my guy and I don’t need the same things to feel love. While one of us loves small, sometimes public acts of affection, another one prefers space and having the ability for each other to have time to themselves.

With this new mindset to consider, I think it’s really important to make sure that I am loving him how he needs to be, and also to make sure that he is meeting me halfway. If I am doing the things that make him feel loved, then that feeling should be reciprocated, even if it is in a different way.

Please tell me your thoughts!


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10 Words of Wisdom for a 20 Something Woman, from Other Women

  1. Emma Watson- Telling us that beauty doesn’t have a certain face or a particular look.


2. Melissa McCarthy- Saying that if you stay true to yourself, good things will come your way. The people who appreciate you will naturally gravitate towards you.

Melissa McCarthy Body Positive Quote • Curvy Quote • Inspirational Plus Size Celebrity:

3. Anna Hathaway- Reminding us to take breaks from what perfection looks like, how social media portrays us, and instead to consider what can we do that FEELS good.

50+ Celebrities Who Have Almost Died:

4. Blake Lively- Reminding us to not settle for less than we deserve, and to not just stay with someone because of loneliness.

If I'm not with somebody who really excites or inspires me, then I'd rather be by myself. - Blake Lively:

5. Barbara Streisand- Taking down the expectation that women’s lives should revolve around men.

Barbara Streisand <3:

6. Mindy Kaling- Reminding us that people are intimidated by successful people, and we shouldn’t take it personally or let someone bring us down.

25 Life Lessons from Our Favorite Celebrities | Mindy Kaling on bravery.:

7. Pink- Talking about the importance of self respect and knowing our self worth.

Self respect:

8. Dolly Parton- Reminding us that when things get tough, don’t turn your heart cold. Just be careful, watch yourself, but don’t let the world make you cold.

"I'll never harden my heart, but I've toughened the muscles around it." Dolly Parton #inspiration

9. Miranda Lambert- Because 99% of her songs are great advice for young girls and women.

Things to learn from Miranda Lambert... 12 is my favorite :):

10. Elle Woods- Because we can’t let one shitty situation or bad relationship define us.

Elle sought out the advice and support of other women.

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Chakras Explained

I don’t consider myself to be an especially spiritual person. However, dealing with anxiety and having negative thoughts really take a toll on a person after awhile. Keeping that in mind, I do believe in positive mental actions, and I feel that the Chakras are a really important and interesting concept to keep in mind.

It’s a sure fire way to pin point exactly what is going on inside your mind. It helps you understand why you are feeling a certain way, and it makes it even easier for you to figure out how to fix things.


For me, purple is one of my biggest problems. I am frequently anxious about upcoming dates, plans, and events. It causes me to force myself into loneliness sometimes, and that begins to turn my mind into a downward spiral, creating depressing thoughts. Once that chakra becomes balanced, I am at peace. I am aware that I do not have control over everything, and that often I just need to let it be. Trust that all that is meant to be, will be.

Another place I often struggle is with low self esteem and low energy, the red chakra. As mentioned in previous blog posts, I have often struggled with how people treat me, and taking it personally. As if something I did made them treat me badly. As if me being me was simply not good enough. What I need to remember though is my own confidence. I need to focus on the traits I have that make me, me. I need to accept myself just as I would accept any other person.

I often keep this chakra visual in a place where I can look over it frequently. It gives me a clear visual of what is bothering me, and how I am able to fix it. If you struggle with even just one of these, I recommend doing the same. It’s a small thing to do but referring back to this and understanding your feelings, and how to fix them, is a HUGE step towards a more positive and successful mentality!

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These are things I will often post about and would love to follow some similar blogs. Please comment and introduce yourself if you are interested!

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Allow Yourself to Feel

Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to share with you all a quote that is very meaningful to me. Sometimes people get you down, make you feel small, or make you feel like you are in the wrong because of how they treat you. In a previous post, I discussed how sometimes people will not treat you how you may want them to, but that it is not a reflection on you.

So this is a reminder that it’s okay to let your guard down. To let people in even after you’ve been hurt. To feel. It’s okay to be so sad that you can’t stop crying; acknowledge those feelings and understand why you are feeling them. On the same topic, you can also feel so happy that you feel like you can literally do anything.

One of my biggest problems in the past has been not acknowledging for accepting my feelings. Trying to be happy, when I have so many reasons to feel sad. Instead, I should have been aware of all those things, and understanding why I was sad.

I’d rather always put myself out there and expose myself to new people and things rather than let one or two bad people affect me for the rest of my life. This isn’t to say that I prefer to be walked over, but I just am understanding my feelings and understanding that how someone treats me is not always a reflection on me.

Keep this quote in mind for today, or everyday. Store it in the back of your mind and remember it when you are feeling discouraged, or when you feel like you are holding back your feelings, trying to fake how you are, and not being true to yourself.