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What song lyrics are most meaningful to you??

What are the most meaningful lyrics to you?
What are the most meaningful lyrics to you?

As mentioned in my “About Me”, song lyrics play a VERY meaningful role in my life. My website was named after one of my favorite songs, shoutout to The Avett Brothers for that! What song do you have, that stands out the most? That helps you through dark times, or makes you laugh, or maybe makes you feel some sort of emotion you never imagined possible?

Comment below the title of the song, the artist, and why that song is so meaningful to you. I will be selecting one winner on April 1st to win a metal pressed bracelet with their chosen lyrics! Must be subscribed to my page. (I don’t post annoying stuff, I promise. ;))

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5 thoughts on “What song lyrics are most meaningful to you??

  1. Song lyrics are very meaningful to me as well; it was so hard to choose just one! One of my favorite lyrics is from The Head and the Heart, ‘lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways’ from the song Down in the Valley. My closest friends and I share a special bond over this band and any of their lyrics remind me of our experiences that have turned us into family.

  2. Kill the doubt that strangles my self worth! Sanguine tattooed on my wrist 🙂

    1. no way!That’s great! I often say that if I ever got a tattoo, it would be those exact lyrics!

  3. This is such a great idea!!! I have so many though!! 1. Sara Evans. I get a little bit stronger. Lyric- “Even on my weakest days, I get a lil bit stronger.” This song has a ton of personal meaning to me. It came out when my ex-husband and I broke up. I remember I would be driving to work and this song would come on. I would be bellaring this song out and balling at the same time….so true…

    1. That’s such a great lyric! Good choice :), thank you <3

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