8th Grade Acrylic Painting Assessment

8th Grade Acrylic Painting Assessment

At my current Elementary Middle School, I have 8th grade students for a semester, or in other words, for half of the school year. Throughout this semester, they have learned a variety of different things. Here are SOME concepts that have been taught to my 8th grade class this semester:

Color Theory: Primary and Secondary, Warm and Cool, Analogous and Complementary, and Monochromatic.

One Point Perspective: Perspective, Vanishing Point, Vantage Point, Horizon Line, Orthogonal Line.

Surrealism: Salvador Dali, Surrealism, Dream-like, Exquisite Corpse, Imaginary, etc.

Watercolor Techniques: Using different techniques in watercolor including layering to create strong, believable colors.

Mexican Folk Art: Ceramic Suns in the style of Mexican Folk Art. Frida Kahlo inspired Expressional Self Portraits using Symbolism.

Printmaking: Additive and Subtractive, Printmaking tools, Printmaking Techniques and Methods, Linocuts, Trial Prints, etc.

So to wrap up a good portion of what my students learned this semester, I wanted to create a lesson that showed me what stuck most for them! I created a template for students to select at least three concepts that they had learned about this year. They were asking to come up with an original sketch and show me their ideas before they got started.

The way that I graded these is similar to how I grade most middle school and high school projects. 25% Subject Matter Creativity (if they copied an idea directly offline or another source, they lost points!), 25% Technique (ability to mix colors, paint successfully, etc), 25% Craftsmanship (they took their time and their painting looks neat and clean), 25% Effort/Participation (they took the time to plan out their ideas, execute their concepts, and create a successful painting, they used time effectively and tried their hardest).

Lastly, I had students write an Artist Statement to go along with their painting. I wanted them to summarize what they had learned not only visually, but also in writing.

Here are some great examples of the final product!

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