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Hillsboro Art Show

Hillsboro’s First Spring Art Show is up and running! This art show features work from grades K-8. Students have been working on this artwork since January. The follow lessons are included in this artshow:

Kindergarten: Fish Weaving

First Grade: Henri Rousseau Inspired Jungle Paintings & Pinch Pot Monsters

Second Grade: Laurel Burch Inspired Cats & Mola Art

Third Grade: Warm Vs. Cool Georgia O’Keeffe Watercolor Paintings & Circular Clay Weaving

Fourth Grade: Aboriginal Paintings

Fifth Grade: Superhero Grid Drawings & Onomatopoeia Paintings

Sixth Grade: Tessellations, Value Animal Eyes, Optical Illusions

Seventh Grade: Portrait Drawings, Watercolor Depth Trees, Optical Illusions, Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Ceramic Food, Chuck Close Inspired Acrylic Paintings

Eighth Grade: Mexican Folk Art Ceramic Suns, Frida Kahlo Inspired Expressive Portraits, Printmaking Linocuts, Watercolor Techniques Paintings, Surrealism Drawings in One Point Perspective, Exquisit Form.

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