Empty Bowls Fundraiser

Empty Bowls Fundraiser

If you are looking for a great fundraiser opportunity, to raise awareness to the art program at your school and to raise money for your local community, look no further!

Empty Bowls is the largest project from Imagine Render. Their goal is to create a positive and lasting change through the arts, education, and projects that build community.

For more information on Imagine Render, click here!

Empty Bowls was a quick clay project that I completed with my Art I students. You don’t even have to have a pottery wheel to get great results. None of my classes’ bowls were done on a pottery wheel. One great method that we used was getting plastic or paper bowls. Before I had them do this, we discussed Empty Bowls and how art can be used to better a community and to raise awareness. I had students come up with two sketches and they could not begin their clay until I saw both of them.

We lined the bowls with strips of paper towels so that the clay would not stick to the bowls. The students then rolled out their slabs and tried to make them an even consistency. They carefully placed the slab and fit it to the shape of their bowl.

The actual event took place outside of school. Students and their families, staff and administration all came. They paid five dollars and were allowed to select one bowl of their choice, come in and eat soup. We even had some students who were in a band playing music while everyone was eating and socializing.

Overall, it was a great event. Somewhat simple, yet brought awareness to a great cause and taught students how art can be used as a means to raise awareness and money.


Please comment on this post if you have participated in an Empty Bowls event before! Post pictures and show me your examples, I would love to see them all. 🙂

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