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Chakras Explained

I don’t consider myself to be an especially spiritual person. However, dealing with anxiety and having negative thoughts really take a toll on a person after awhile. Keeping that in mind, I do believe in positive mental actions, and I feel that the Chakras are a really important and interesting concept to keep in mind.

It’s a sure fire way to pin point exactly what is going on inside your mind. It helps you understand why you are feeling a certain way, and it makes it even easier for you to figure out how to fix things.


For me, purple is one of my biggest problems. I am frequently anxious about upcoming dates, plans, and events. It causes me to force myself into loneliness sometimes, and that begins to turn my mind into a downward spiral, creating depressing thoughts. Once that chakra becomes balanced, I am at peace. I am aware that I do not have control over everything, and that often I just need to let it be. Trust that all that is meant to be, will be.

Another place I often struggle is with low self esteem and low energy, the red chakra. As mentioned in previous blog posts, I have often struggled with how people treat me, and taking it personally. As if something I did made them treat me badly. As if me being me was simply not good enough. What I need to remember though is my own confidence. I need to focus on the traits I have that make me, me. I need to accept myself just as I would accept any other person.

I often keep this chakra visual in a place where I can look over it frequently. It gives me a clear visual of what is bothering me, and how I am able to fix it. If you struggle with even just one of these, I recommend doing the same. It’s a small thing to do but referring back to this and understanding your feelings, and how to fix them, is a HUGE step towards a more positive and successful mentality!

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