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Allow Yourself to Feel

Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to share with you all a quote that is very meaningful to me. Sometimes people get you down, make you feel small, or make you feel like you are in the wrong because of how they treat you. In a previous post, I discussed how sometimes people will not treat you how you may want them to, but that it is not a reflection on you.

So this is a reminder that it’s okay to let your guard down. To let people in even after you’ve been hurt. To feel. It’s okay to be so sad that you can’t stop crying; acknowledge those feelings and understand why you are feeling them. On the same topic, you can also feel so happy that you feel like you can literally do anything.

One of my biggest problems in the past has been not acknowledging for accepting my feelings. Trying to be happy, when I have so many reasons to feel sad. Instead, I should have been aware of all those things, and understanding why I was sad.

I’d rather always put myself out there and expose myself to new people and things rather than let one or two bad people affect me for the rest of my life. This isn’t to say that I prefer to be walked over, but I just am understanding my feelings and understanding that how someone treats me is not always a reflection on me.

Keep this quote in mind for today, or everyday. Store it in the back of your mind and remember it when you are feeling discouraged, or when you feel like you are holding back your feelings, trying to fake how you are, and not being true to yourself.


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